Saturday, June 11, 2005


The heroes of the business world are the entrepreneurs, those who bring together the knowledge, capital, labour, to make new businesses actually happen.

In our ever more connected world, the internet entrepreneur is the hero of this class. Not just using new methods of doing things, not just working out how to do something better but actually inventing entirely new things for people to do with the new technologies.

Free Katie.

Free Katie is an online campaign to free Kate Holmes from the influence of Tom Cruise and Scientology. A vital and important part of the modern world, as I am sure you will agree. You can buy t-shirts, mugs and all the usual cafe press gear, as well as have a good giggle about the absurdity of the campaign itself.

The whole thing kicks off at and while many are amused there are some who really are not:

" are nothing but a bottom-feeder waste of everyone's time. What a joke this is. Is your job to try and break up every couple you can think of? You quite literally have created the worst web site I have ever seen; and trying to exploit young, vulneralbe teens to purchase ridiculous merchandise for this 'cause' is despicable.At least go after Britney and Kevin - their home videos make me sick."

I guess it all is down to you, will you save the young and lovely heroine or do you not care about the Free Katie campaign?