Sunday, March 18, 2007

Top Box Office This Weekend

Here the list of this weekend's top box office films.


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Following are the top 10 movies at the North American box office for the three-day weekend beginning March 16, led by "300," according to studio estimates released on Sunday.

Final data will be issued on Monday.

1 (1) 300 .... $ 31.2 million

2 (2) Wild Hogs . ........... $ 18.8 million

3 (*) Premonition ........... $ 18.0 million

4 (*) Dead Silence .......... $ 7.8 million

5 (*) I Think I Love My Wife. $ 5.7 million

6 (3) Bridge to Terabithia .. $ 5.1 million 

7 (4) Ghost Rider ........... $ 4.0 million

8 (5) Zodiac . $ 3.1 million

9 (6) Norbit . $ 2.7 million

10 (8) Music and Lyrics ...... $ 2.2 million

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Eddie Van Halen: Rehab

Eddie Van Halen has entered rehab to deal with his drinking and alcoholism:

Eddie Van Halen said on Thursday he would enter rehab "to work on myself," a move that appears to rule out a reunion by his troubled band when it is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next week.

The announcement came a month after he and former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth, his longtime antagonist, said they would tour North America in the summer. Within weeks, speculation arose the plans had run aground.

The Dutch-born Van Halen, 52, who has long battled alcoholism and survived a bout with tongue cancer, said in an open letter to fans he wanted to do right by them.

"I have always and will always feel a responsibility to give you my best. At the moment I do not feel that I can give you my best. That's why I have decided to enter a rehabilitation facility to work on myself, so that in the future I can deliver the 110 percent that I feel I owe you and want to give you."

He added: "Some of the issues surrounding the 2007 Van Halen tour are within my ability to change and some are not. As far as my rehab is concerned, it is within my ability to change and change for the better."

The letter was released by his spokeswoman and girlfriend, Janie Liszewski, who did not respond to requests for further information.

He actually gives a reason for his drinking, too. No social skills at all, so to feel less embarrassed he gets drunk.

Antonella Barba Sex Photos

So, we're still a little mystified as to whether those photos of Anonella Barba were indeed Antonella Barba:

Newly eliminated "American Idol" contestant Antonella Barba said on Friday the racy photographs that made her an Internet sensation were taken for personal use only and released without her consent.

Barba, 20, broke her silence about the latest sex scandal to hit U.S. TV's most popular show during a conference call with reporters the day after she and three other contestants were voted off the talent competition.

Ground rules set by producers of Fox television's smash hit prohibit participants from speaking directly to the media while they remain in the contest.

Without being specific, the former college student from New Jersey acknowledged for the first time that at least some of the photos that turned up online in recent weeks, showing her in various stages of undress, were authentic.

The photos included images of a young woman lying on her back covered in rose petals, posing in her underwear, sitting on a toilet and standing among a group of topless women at a beach, hands over their breasts. Others showed a woman performing oral sex on a man.

Online chat rooms and blogs were abuzz with "Idol" fans and Internet gawkers commenting on the photos after they appeared.

She doesn't actually say that the ones of sex were or were not her, just says that some of the photos were definitely her. Hhhm.