Monday, June 25, 2007

Katie Holmes at the Eden Roc

Katie Holmes was at the Eden Roc Hotel for the marriage of her friends Erica Baxter and James Packer.

Here's a photo of Katie Holmes at the wedding:

And more from the same wedding:

The Cruise family was in France this week to attend the wedding of media mogul James Packer to model Erica Baxter.

Australian billionaire packer spent the night before on his family's converted ice-breaker, the Arctic P and married Baxter in a private civil service attended by a small circle including the groom's mother, Ros, and the bride's parents, Sheelah and Michael Baxter at Antibe's town hall.

They later advanced to the main extravaganza - where the newlyweds exchanged vows again under a flower-bedecked canopy.

The bride adorned a strapless white flowing floor-length gown, a haute couture creation by John Galliano for Christian Dior, said to cost $100,000.

Tom and Katie were seen holding hands and smiling from ear to ear as they sat side by side for the outdoor service in the grounds of the Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc on the French Riviera.

And here's another of Katie Holmes from the same wedding:

And more:

Tom Cruise may be the world’s biggest action star famed for dramatic stunts, but right now, all his focus is on baby steps.

The actor and his wife Katie Holmes were on hand to help their one-year-old daughter Suri tackle the tricky terrain of a pebbled beach while holidaying in the south of France.

Earlier, Holmes took to the water with Suri in a black bathing suit and cinched in belt, quietening rumours she's expecting another child.

While in Spain to celebrate David Beckham's last game with Real Madrid, Katie Holmes set tongues wagging after she appeared to have a bump under her clinging mini-dress.

And more again:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been spending some quality time with each other and their friends.

Earlier this week they joined the Beckham family to watch David play his last game for the Spanish Club Real Madrid. Later they participated in the post match celebrations.

On Tuesday (19 Jun 2007) they joined their tycoon pal James Packer on the French Riviera for a waterside pre-wedding party.

The wedding party includes cricket legend Shane Warne, Rupert Murdoch's son Lachlan and his wife Sarah O'Hare, but it was little Suri Cruise who was getting most of the attention at the party.

Katie took Suri, 14 months, for a dip in the Mediterranean waters, and the mum showed off her ultra-slender figure in a low-cut black swimming costume.

Katie's svelte form and tucked belly belied rumors of a bun in the oven.

The 28-year-old actress took the opportunity to change into several other outfits during the course of the day, including a stripe-patterned mini skirt teamed with a black top and killer stiletto heels.

Katie Holmes and Tom in New York

Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise were at an event in New York recently:

Here's Katie Holmes with Tom at the event:

Another view of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise:

And Katie Holmes on her own:

Katie Holmes: Marriage Problems?

Katie Holmes: is she having marriage problems?

Could it be that Katie Holmes' marriage to Tom Cruise is on the rock already?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Wedding

Catching up on the news about Katie Holmes and her marriage to Tom Cruise here's some of the news reports from that time.

Not everyone was invited to the wedding:

Scratch from the guest list two names you would think might have been invited to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Italian wedding this Saturday.

Penelope Cruz, who was Tom’s companion between his divorce and the time he met Holmes, apparently didn’t stay quite as friendly as we thought with her "Vanilla Sky" co-star.

Cruz will be in New York this weekend doing publicity for “Volver,” her Pedro Almodovar movie that’s selling out every show.

And the second uninvited guest to the TomKat nuptials? Holmes’ former “Dawson’s Creek” co-star and teenage boyfriend, Joshua Jackson. He’s in town for the launch of Emilio Estevez’s sensational “Bobby.”

Jackson worked with Holmes for six years on the “Creek,” but like all her other friends hasn’t heard one word from her since she met Cruise in April 2005 and became his insta-bride.

“The invitation must have gotten lost in the mail,” Jackson said without rancor or bitterness. “Maybe just the single friends were cut out.”

And another story:

Another whirlwind romance moved quickly to the engagement phase. After dating only two months, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were engaged. They had an elaborate staged wedding on November 18, 2006 in Italy.

Here is information about their marriage relationship, their daughter Suri, quotes, and more.

News Update:

11/18/2006: In a Scientololgy ceremony, Tom and Katie were married at Odescalchi Castle in Italy. They reportedly were previously legally married in Los Angeles, California at their Beverly Hills Mansion. Their official wedding date is unknown but is rumored to have taken place two weeks prior to their Italian wedding.

"A spokesman for the Church of Scientology for Rome, Fabrizio D'Agostino, said an exchange of vows with a Scientology rite was not legally recognized in Italy, and would have to be preceded or followed by a civil union."


Thomas Cruise Mapother IV: July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York.

Katherine Noelle Holmes: Katie was born two months premature at four pounds on December 18, 1978 in Toledo, Ohio.

First Date:

Their first date reportedly was on his plane for a sushi dinner.


On June 17, 2005, Tom proposed to Katie on the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris, France. Some sites say over a candlit dinner, and some say early in the morning. Tom gave Katie a large solitare diamond engagement ring.

Ages at Engagement:

Tom, 42; Katie, 26.

Another story from the wedding itself:

For Tom Cruise, words weren't enough to express his feelings for Katie Holmes. He had to do it in song -- and a familiar one at that.

When, L.A. deejay Mark Ronson played the Righteous Brothers tune "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" during the reception for the couple's wedding, Cruise serenaded his bride by singing along with the record.

"She was completely touched -- laughing, loving him and enjoying him," guest Leah Remini tells PEOPLE.

Cruise's impromptu serenade, of course, hearkens back to his performance of the same song in Top Gun. In the movie his character, Maverick, attempted to woo Kelly McGillis with the song. As for Katie, her heart already belongs to Tom.

For complete coverage of Tom & Katie's wedding, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

Even another story:

Tom Cruise’s future father-in-law apparently isn’t a happy camper.

Katie Holmes’s dad is said to be “very upset” because his unmarried daughter is pregnant with Cruise’s child. And, what’s more, the devoutly Catholic Martin Holmes reportedly is none-too-thrilled about his daughter’s involvement in her husband-to-be’s controversial religion, Scientology.

“[Martin Holmes] was very upset and got into a real spat with Katie,” the forthcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly quotes “a close friend” of Cruise as saying. “Tom had promised her parents that they would do the right thing and get married before any baby came along.” After scolding his daughter, according to the mag, Martin Holmes berated Cruise by declaring “You’re no good.”

And perhaps best of all is this (fake) best friend's speech:

A Wedding Toast
by Katie Holmes's Former Best Friend.


- - - -

Well, um, hi, everybody. I'm Becky, Katie's oldest friend from Toledo. It's just so great to be here celebrating Katie and Tom's marriage. I mean, I can't believe it! Tom Cruise! I mean, I totally remember a picture of him she had hanging on her bedroom wall. Well, I guess it was more of a side-column interview next to this totally HOT feature on Brad Pitt, but whatever. Oh my God, we had such a crush on Brad! Do you remember that, Katie? Huh? Oh, right, I mean, yeah, it was a really long time ago.

And it's just so funny that you're marrying the guy from Risky Business. I mean, we didn't see it when it came out, being 5 and all, but we totally did rent the video. Or, actually, I think we tried to rent that Jared Leto movie—oh my God, Jordan Catalano!—but it was out or something at Blockbuster. And, well, I guess it was Mrs. Holmes who rented Risky Business, but we totally loved it! Remember, Katie, it had Balki in it but without that weird accent? Yeah, we laughed so hard about that.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Topping It

Parents of a new born boy face something of a dlimma these days: to go for circumcision or not?

One the one had there's the long term protection (OK, lower probability) of catching certain diseases and cancers.

On the other, it's taking 10% off the end of a man's favourite part, and there are those who insist it leads to lower sensitivity.

Well, yes, that probably is true, but then, click through to find out how that lower sensitivity caused by circumcision actually leads to an increase in the sum of human happiness.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sex with an 11 year old?

Really, what made Wendie Ann Schweikert do it?

What possible reason could there be for a 37 year old woman to find an 11 year old boy sexually attractive?

Ah well, now that the case has been heard Wendie Ann Schweikert will have 10 yearsof jail time to ponder exactly that question.

Sex with an 11 year old?

Really, what made Wendie Ann Schweikert do it?

What possible reason could there be for a 37 year old woman to find an 11 year old boy sexually attractive?

Ah well, now that the case has been heard Wendie Ann Schweikert will have 10 yearsof jail time to ponder exactly that question.