Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meditation gong or food bell?

That looks like a fun little toy, doesn't it? Like something out of a Fu Manchu movie or a Bruce Lee flick: you know when they're moving from the western world into the more secretive Chinese one when you start to see a gong around. However, this is a meditation gong and there's really not all that much call for one of those with a character like myself. I tend to do my meditating on the iniquities of the world while peering over the rim of a glass holding something cold and frothy.

So why would I think that one of these gongs would be an interesting thing to have around? Apart from the quite cool looks of the thing and the possibility of being able to pretend that Bruce Lee would leap through the door screaming if only I did indeed tap it? Oh and the delight that could be found in tormenting my long suffering wife by repeatedly tapping it?

Well, that's the thing you see, I don't think that, in our house, a meditation gong would in fact be used to do any meditating. I have a feeling that it would be used to call the cats (all six of them, yes, a stray had kittens before we could get her to the vet to be snipped) and the three dogs (no, that was by choice) to dinner: and probably if that long suffering wife had her way, me too. But that would still be fun: we like things that make noise around here and that is indede a good looking thing that makes noise.

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