Thursday, November 19, 2009

Modern addiction treatment

Modern addiction treatment: or perhaps we should make that modern addiction treatments? For along with the new knowledge that addiction is a disease, one that needs treatment, rather than simply a lack of moral fibre (as it was once regarded) has come the knowledge that there is no one drug treatment which is going to work for everybody. We cannot simply process everyone through a 12 step program and hope for the best.

Nor can we alight upon any other single drug treatment as a magic bullet to deal with this complex problem: for there are two major problems to such an idea. The first is that there are many causes of addiction. For some it's simply the desire for a certain drug or course of action: for others there might be deeply buried psychological scars (or issues of self-worth) which need to be treated as well as the more visible addiction itself.

The second is that we've found that no one treatment works for all. Some do best with a medically orientated treatment program, for others drug treatment is best approached through therapy. And for some, yes, the old 12 step program is extremely helpful. So the thing that we've really found out is that while there is no one pure way, one true path, there are a number of entirely useful and helpful things we can do. Thus we should be offering addiction treatment at multi-disciplinary places, like the Pat Moore Foundation in Orange County. Have all of the available options there in one place and then see which one the patient responds best to.

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