Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Now we're cookin'

I have to admit to always having had a weakness for the whole process of BBQ, setting up the BBQ Grill itself, indeed I'm fascinated by the variations that one can have in barbecue grills. You know, you can have gas fired ones, charcoal, wood (sometimes even a mixture, the charcoal having some wood chips added to add flavor), I've even seen people doing it over coal itself (which is rather a special cooking skill when you come to think of it).

Then of course you can add a smoker to the BBQ Grill, possibly a steamer if you're near the beach and can get clams, one friend used to have a huge almost 50 gallon drum in which he could do his crawfish boil: there actually seem to be more variations in what you can use for this style of cooking than there are for the indoors kind.

But as we get our house and garden properly finished off I've been looking around for what we want to add to our machine repetoire here. We've already got the BBQ Grill we need and having more than that would simply be indulgence. So rather than pawing through this listing of possible bebecue grills I've been looking instead at what we might have to expand our range, rather than just increase the number of people we can feed in one style.

And it's that Dutch Oven that my eyes have alighted upon. Grilled meat, bbq'd meat, sure, they're great, but what I really like is to have meats cooked in a variety of styles and roast is another favorite. With such an oven we can still all be outside soaking up the sunshine but cooking a turkey (say) or a couple of chickens at the same time.

Fortunately we're in a climate where we can do (and eat) the holiday turkey outside so perhaps this is the solution for making that whole experience more interesting this year?

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