Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Putting the kitchen in the garden

As I ponder what we're going to be cooking on in the garden come spring (and where we are that's not all that long away) I find myself wondering which of these Viking Grills I ought to be getting. As you can see from that picture to the side there it's possible to get one which will allow me to cook for a visiting army. A huge 53 inch grill (with commercial level 29,000 BTU burners), side burners, and oven and all the warming and storage space a man in a chef's hat could ever want.

But then there are other things in life as well, more than just one boy's toy to be afforded: perhaps I should just go for the basic 30 inch grill on it's own? For that is the most important part of the Viking gas grill, the grill itself: side burners can be provided in other ways. Or maybe, instead of thinking about other toys I should be thinking about other types and pieces of my outdoor cooking equipment?

For the Viking grill, as with all of their equipment, is made to full commercial standards and will put up with any weather: that's the stainless steel for you which means that it can indeed be left outside all year round. So should I economise on the grill side but get the refrigerator, or the ice machine, or the warming trays instead?

I realise that these aren't the most pressing of problems for everyone but I am trying to work out how to best take advantage of the fact that we're living in a warm climate: one where eating and cooking outside is an obvious part of life. Anyone got any bright ideas on which selections I should be making?

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